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  About.......Dan and Diana would like to thank all of our customers for buying the Lawler products and supporting our trade. We appreciate all the referrals and repeat business over the years. We have over 45 years experience in creating  functional and artistic metalwork that can add safety and value to your home. With Lawler, we're not just putting pieces of metal together, we're creating functional metalwork. Metalwork such as railings and gates are important assets to enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Whether your looking for simple, sophisticated or an ornate style it should make a statement and be installed right for years to come.  Lawler has the experience and skill to achieve this and it shows in the quality of our work. We do it once and do it right!   

   Since 1968 we have been providing quality, reliable work to homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers for both commercial and residential properties. A few differences for example are Lawler railings have more posts, the balusters are evenly spaced during the layout process and not pre-punched. The product that we use for your installation is not water soluble and takes a high level of skill and experience to use. It cannot be purchased (such as quickset) at the local store. There are many more pictures in our portfolio and we would be happy to send them to you.

   Lawler Railing is a second generation railing shop. My father Charles Lawler started in ironworking in the 50's at several local shops in Morris County. In 1969 Charles purchased our current location from an ironworker who purchased it from a previous ironworker. Dan started working at the shop in 1975. Charles  retired in 1996 and Lawler Railing is currently run by myself and my wife Diana. Prior to Lawler Railing, Diana was an Advertising Director and Graphic Designer. Diana's background is important to  helping our customers to achieve the style they like. The combination of  Diana's designs and Dan's superb craftsmanship has allowed Lawler Railing to create and fabricate very special products for our clients.

   As you look at our website, you will notice our commitment to detail and service. Lawler Railing has been  featured in Design NJ Magazine in 2003 and most recently in Design NJ Magazine August/September 2009 issue "How to incorporate metal into your work" and Morris Life Magazine.


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