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Curb Appeal

Please contact Diana to discuss which of these products you are interested in. Please fax your information to 973-366-2455 or email Include your full name and phone number so we can contact you with any questions.  Call for pricing.

Aluminum window well guard.
Custom audio rack.

Decorative log rack in aluminum, never rust.

Exotic iron, bronze and black granite table. Front panel opens for storing and 4 hooks for hanging pots and pans.


Large custom pot rack.

A hand forged personalized iron chair.

Simple design outdoor table. Different sizes available upon request.

Whats Recent

Whats Recent

N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs Lic/Reg/Cert. 13VH05214700

An aluminum cart custom fabricated to be 1/3 lighter than the steel carts. Can be fabricated as a garden cart.

Aluminum truck rack. Lighter than steel and won't rust but built strong.

Custom made outdoor fire chiminea.

Aluminum handrail with upper channel and two brackets for mounting on a wall. Easy to install.

Painted black obelisk great for garden plants or vegetable plants.

DIY Sketch

Large Fire Grate with Fire Ring - Located in Tewksbury, NJ the 1st picture is the fire pit without the iron circle surround. 2nd picture shows the custom fabricated steel fire pit ring for stone firepits. Last pictures shows the custom fire grate personalized with removable Letter "HP" ring installed. Fabricated with ring to mount inside masonry fire brick pit and stone surround. Weighs over 200lbs. Built in two sections for removing to clean pit.

Lawler Original Custom fire pit!! The "Charron" Outdoor Grill. Total Weight over 350lbs. Personalized with Letter "C". Cooking grate fabricated to swing with 3 adjustable heights for cooking.  Use charcoal or wood. Works perfectly fire pit cooking or a wood burning fire.

Custom Made to Any Size!
Perfect for Outdoor Cooking or Backyard Fires!