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Dear Mr. Lawler, Your help of providing the metal railing for the porch on the school house is valued and important. Without it, the porch would be a safety hazard for those walking on it because of the drops on both sides. Also, the railing adds an effect of professionalism and homeliness to the outside of the school house. Your help is documented and appreciated by the Boy Scouts of America, the Jerseymen Club of Mt. Olive H.S. who own the school house, and I. Very truly, ML.

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At our shop we produce many kinds of custom iron work for interior and exterior stairs.

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Elegant ornate cast railing with a flat black base and a rubbed gold patina . Wood-cap was supplied by the client.

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Beautiful 3 line railing with  2" square newel post with ball caps, 5/8" square ballusters  and forged scrolls welded under a 2" crown molding. Located in Mendham, NJ.


All straight 5/8" balusters and a custom zig-zag  design with a classic 2" bronze cap. Lateral scrolls terminate at the base of the stairs. (you can see the actual sample our shop)

3 line railing has 1/2" pickets with a greek key casting under the molding. Also with  grape and bird of paradise castings in the rail.


Restaurant railing has 5/8 inch pickets with a bronze cap. The cast newel posts were altered to match an existing unit at the site. Located in Millburn, NJ.


 Interior 3 line railing has an ivy casting that also wraps under the lateral scroll. Located in Randolph, NJ.


Beautiful post and handrail style sidewalk rail with a bronze cap. Located in Boonton, NJ.


Simple and elegant railing has a bronze moulding cap rail and also has solid bronze post.


This extremely heavy railing is made of all cast components is in Long Valley.
Railing has a loose picket configuration on the stair section. New Vernon NJ.
This heavy railing has an insert pattern with bronze medallions in the corners.


Each picket runs down to a  foot mount. Railing has forged scrolls and a bronze cap rail. Located in New Vernon, NJ.
Railing is a custom spec rail with a group of three pattern. The post have a custom designed cap.


Contemporary wavy bar railing with 2 inch molding and upper channel is in Short Hills. Rail was fabricated in shop, test fitted then finished. Rail was not built on site.
A beautiful fencing section with all forged scrolls in Harding Township.



This has bird of paradise casting with forged pickets and bird cage or globe centers. The railing will have a wood cap when completed supplied by the contractor.


Gothic style iron railing in Short Hills.


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