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   At Lawler Railing we offer a full range of services for our clients. Our quality is evident throughout our custom products, from a small handrail to large detailed projects. You can see and feel the difference.

    As always, we offer shipping to our out-of-state customers.

  The metals we work with are iron, aluminum, bronze, and stainless. We also perform repairs on antiques and home furnishings.

  The first step after the initial conversation is for us to examine the site and take field measurements.  Once this is done Diana will contact you and discuss in more detail how your work will be fabricated and installed. We  recommend making an appointment once the measurements are taken. Most projects require approximately 4-6 weeks while some can take much longer depending on the complexity.

  Due to insurance regulations we can not  reinstall railings unless they are from us originally and meet current codes. Our installations requires an experienced installer with a special skill level. We do not use a simple quickset cement.

  It is best to call us first before you come to our office to make an appointment. If you are installing your project, a sketch is necessary before you come to the office. All projects small or large require a rough sketch with basic dimensions before you come to our office.  Our field measurements are taken only  after all masonry/steps  are completed. We do not price over the phone as every project is different.

  Most importantly, if you need to talk to Dan or Diana, please call and we will be happy to assist you.

  All of our work is custom. Deposits are non-refundable. Once a contract is accepted payment is due upon completion. No Returns On Custom Fabrication.


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